Heroes of Uldanaaq: Masters of Midnight


As all of you know, there is a new Dungeons and Dragons Campaign now, and this one involves the Fifth Edition of the game. The new Campaign is simply titled “Heroes of Uldanaaq”

Dungeons and Dragons Night #53

Gruumsh continued his evil plans and pitted the heroes against foes and trickery. After swimming across a lake of spikes and fighting armored red beasts from some other realm, Gruumsh grew bored of them and allowed them to leave, but transported them to the end of the Season of the Dark Cold.

Dungeons and Dragons Night #52

After defeating the spectral panthers, the heroes were faced with various other enemies, and overcame the challenge quickly. They were then forced to choose cards from the Deck of Many Things, and a wide variety of destinations struck the group. Their next challenge was to stand on pillars and knock each other off with spoons. Though many noble ones jumped into the water below, there were still some who wanted Grummsh’s dark reward. Once a victor had been decided, they prepared themselves for Gruumsh’s next challenge.

Dungeons and Dragons Night #51

After returning to Terrorakk, the group contacted the wizard tower in the Adventurer’s District of Terrorakk and were met with animosity and doubt, for few wished to admit that Rifts in Uldanaaq were returning. Thankfully, one mage named Maghelar agreed to investigate the Rift, and agreed to send for them when the analysis was finished. In the remaining time, the heroes helped to build Smallington Estates in a grant of land in Terrorakk Province. Soon after, the heroes were called to the Rift by Magehelar to find that through the use of Manalisk Magic, rather than True Magic, the Rift was made stable already. Surprised by this news, and worried of what it might entail, the heroes and magehelar agreed not to speak of it. During the Festival of the Merciful Cold, many of the members of the Masters of Midnight were teleported into Grummsh’s brian.


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